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We are currently living in an era where everybody wants to be a boss. Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or work as an entrepreneur, your employees will certainly have an opinion about your leadership style and your personality.

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As a boss, you have to be assertive. Your employees must know that you mean business, but sometimes that firmness can come off as rude. Just in case you want to create a healthy impression for your employees, you need to be aware of the signs that prove you’re a bad boss.

Check Out These 5 Signs:

1) Failure to give adequate and timely approval. – This could be approval to execute a multi-million dollar deal or to order more paper for the copier. Be certain to give required approval and do it in an efficient manner.

2) Over sharing and flaunting your salary and wealth. – Though there may be a vast difference in salaries between bosses and their employees, it is tacky and not a good morale-booster to flaunt your assets in front of employees who may be struggling. It is important to remain competitive in the marketplace for great talent by ensuring comparable salaries based upon skill as well.

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