Subject: Captain Underoos

Dear Steve and Shirley, I have a boyfriend whom I’ve been dating for 8 years, we are both educated and driven professionals.We have the best relationship anyone could ask for at our age and are soon to be married. The only problem I have with him is he still wears the tighty whities, you no know the male version of panties! Now I know that shouldn’t seem like a big deal but it is,before we are intimate I would put on something sexy such as thongs,or boyshorts (something that would keep his eye entertained)but when he would come out his pants all I could see is those tighty whities which is a turn off.Now I bought him some briefs and he refuses to wear them he said it shouldn’t matter what kind of underwear he has on. I kindly explained to him that he looks like a big baby in those tighty white panties (it doesn’t help either that he is only 5’4 and muscular)that it looks like a big diaper. After that we didn’t have sex for 3 weeks(due to not being in the mood and being busy). Now I know that if I can put on a thong(which is a piece of string up my behind)he can darn well put on some briefs.

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