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Solange may be five years younger than Beyonce, but she’s still very protective of her big sister.

During a recent interview with Hot 97′s Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg, 27-year-old star said it was scary to see Beyonce pulled off the stage by a fan in Sao Paulo, Brazil last week.

“It’s really, really scary to me,” she said of her sister’s aggressive fans. “She has the whole BeyHive stage so those are like select fans that have followed her. It’s really scary but you know what? At the same time. I have to give her the hugest props for putting herself and being that accessible but it is scary, especially as a family member seeing that. She let them go. She said, ‘It’s okay.’”

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Solange went on to talk about her musical beginnings, love for Nas and her special relationship with  brother-in-law Jay Z. Check out highlights from the chit-chat below and tell us what you think.

On her performance at a laundromat:

“It was actually how to make boring, brilliant. Shout out to ‘Fader’ for being über creative. Mine was definitely like the weirdest. It was also kinda awesome for people not to have the context.”

On getting suspended from school over her love for Nas:

“I actually got suspended from school over Nas. The story is that I went to a Christian school. I had the ‘Vibe’ cover of him with the ‘God Son’ tattoo on his stomach. I had like a whole homage to him in my locker. Obviously, the Christian dean thought that was blasphemous for him to have a tattoo saying ‘God’s son,’ but my argument was that there was a girl who had a Justin Timberlake poster in her locker with the cross on his chest. I didn’t really see what the difference was. So I refused to take it down and I actually spoke with my parents and they actually gave me the freedom and choice to stand by that. And so the dean told me if I didn’t take it down by Friday, I think it was a Wednesday, that I would get suspended. I took the suspension.”

On receiving backlash for being a DJ and how she started her musical career:

“Lots of people [were mad at me for DJ’ing]. I got it. I got it. I have to say I actually called Q-TIP, who is my favorite DJ. I’ve always been a music lover. The iPod hog at all of the parties… super annoying. And so it was actually right after the earthquakes in Haiti and I wanted to help out and contribute in some way. I had an event and I was like someone has to DJ. I asked TIP to do it, he wasn’t available. I asked Amir. I asked Questlove, I asked all my favorite DJs. I was like, You know what, I’m just gonna like play some music.’ And actually, my sister and Jay, it was my birthday and they bought me turntables they were like, ‘We’re tired of you being an iPod DJ; actually learn how to DJ’. So I actually called TIP. He literally, for five hours, made me go back and forth until I could beat match. It’s like I wasn’t going to do it if I couldn’t actually beat match and do it.”

On her relationship Jay Z:

“Jay and I have our own sister brotherly relationship. We talk about music a lot, about art a lot and that’s my dude and that’s my brother. We’ve discussed it. I was actually like 13 or so when I met him and my first introduction to meeting him was that I sat next to him on the plane. This was pre my sister and him dating, That was during the time when you have the big leather booklet with the CD covers and you took a lot of pride in laying that out and I had a whole Nas section. His nickname for me was ‘private school thug,’”


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