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It’s been 11 years since we’ve gotten album out of Eve and now that we have Lip Lock banging in our speakers, we couldn’t be more satisfied with the growth from the “Illest Pit Bull In A Skirt.” And in that growth we’re seeing more sides of the hard core, Philly-bred lyricist. She’s an actress, a clothing designer, a lucky girlfriend and an ambitious woman with a heart that matches her record sales.

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Despite her busy schedule, #TeamBeautiful was able to connect with the “Tambourine” rapstress and we dished over her current tour, why female rappers can’t get along and who she wants to work with. But that’s not where the conversation ends with former feminine voice of reason of the Ruff Ryders. We just had to ask her about one of the most controversial rappers from her former rap set, DMX. Controversy seems to follow the troubled rapper around. And with Eve being one of his closest friends, we had to know what type of insight someone on the inside had to offer about DMX. And what Eve had to share about her friend, warmed our hearts.

HelloBeautiful: So you’ve been on tour…

Eve: “I haven’t toured in the States in years. We’re doing smaller, intimate interviews. It’s been great to connect with fans with my old and new stuff. We’re all just having fun, more than anything else. We’re remembering to have fun while making music.”

HB: Why don’t female rappers get along?

Eve: “I have never been that type of chick. I don’t get into it. I don’t have the patience for it. It’s crazy these girls are beefing. There’s so many dudes out who work together, with females, we always have to be so catty to be the one. I don’t get it. I just pay attention. I don’t have the time. It’s too petty.”

HB: Are there any you want to work with?

Eve: “I’ve always liked Azealia Banks. Lyrically, she’s dope. She has a lot of talent. I think Angel Haze is so dope. I would love to do something with her. I have a young chick on my album named Nacho and she’s ridiculous. I see some of these young girls coming up and I am inspired and impressed by them.”

HB: Why should we buy Lip Lock?

Eve: “Lyrically, on Lip Lock, people are going to be like, ‘That’s my girl.’ I’m an emcee. I’m a lyricist. You will definitely hear growth on this album. I’ve been in the game a long time. This is the first album I have done without my dogs, my dudes. I got to be the captain of the ship on every level. This is my women’s album, from my perspective. I feel like you can hear that on this album.”

HB: What in the world is going on with DMX?

Eve: “I just saw X about a week and a half ago. I had a show with him in Detroit. When I see him, it’s the best. I love X. He’s one of my favorite people. The thing with X, people see things on TV–yeah he does have a lot of issues, but at the same time, X is a grown man and he’s very clear on the things that he’s doing and who he is. I’ve known X since I was 18 and I am 30 plus now. He’s the same dude. You can’t make him or tell him to do anything. He’s his own man. At the end of the day, if he called me at any time, I would be right there. But I can’t make him do anything.

I can’t give up an opinion on what he needs. When I see him, I see him in the best light. When I see him, he’s laughing, joking, being crazy and we’re laughing and reminiscing. I don’t get that X that everyone else sees–those moments that other people see. The X that I get is the X that I love. I’ve seen him bad situations, but the majority of the time I’m with X, it’s awesome.”

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