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Just when you thought there weren’t enough insulting sites in the world, there’s a new one! was designed to help you avoid the “ghetto” parts of town, where your pristine White family (pictured above) can feel safe while wandering around various towns. Clutching your bag will be no more when you vacation in an unfamiliar place because will alert you via GPS maps that your location is indeed a “ghetto.”

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The use a rating system that allows locals and people familiar with the area to rate which parts of town are safe and which are unsafe, or as they call it, “ghetto.”

PandoDaily is reporting, “It’s pretty detrimental to society when we reinforce the idea that poor or crime-heavy areas are places to be categorically avoided or shamed. As if to assume that every person who lives in an area with comparatively high crime or poverty is a criminal, or that these areas are devoid of culture or positivity.”

What’s funny about GhettoTracker’s software is that it’s flawed. It labeled one of the richest neighborhoods, Greenwich Village in New York City as a “ghetto,” and therefore a place to avoid. When in actuality, Greenwich Village boasts celebrity residents like Anderson Cooper, Anna Wintour, Julia Roberts and more. Do these celebrities sound “ghetto” to  you?

PandoDaily reached out the site’s owner, asking if the site was meant to be satirical and functional and here’s what the site owner said in response:

“The only thing that’s satire is the name, and I’d classify it as more tongue-in-cheek. The functionality is very real and serious.”

While everyone has a right to travel to unknown places, while guaranteeing their safety, it’s uninformed to label areas “ghetto” without proper research. Moreover, the use of the word “ghetto” should be reevaluated. It seems the powers that be at heard our plea!

The site was once deleted, but not before giving one final message to those of you, like myself, that wanted to know more by visiting

After checking on the site again, we found that it’s been replaced by a new site called Good Part Of Town. Well, that’s a great way of fixing a solid and offensive mistake.

Will you be using “Good Part of Town?”

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