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It’s been thirteen years since writer and director Gina Prince-Bythewood brought movie fans the love story of childhood friends Quincy and Monica in the romantic drama “Love & Basketball.”   Bythewood’s directorial debut starring Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps grossed over $27 Million at the box office and still hovers in the top five of favorite Black movies of all time for many people.

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Last night BET aired the 2000 movie and Prince-Bythewood answered trivia questions and engaged the fans with factoids about it via Twitter.’s own Film & TV Editor ReBecca Theodore-Vachon  (@Filmfatale_NYC) even got in on the chat.

“First time I’ve been on Twitter when movie came on,” she wrote. “Inspiring and humbling.”

She also revealed that she begins filming a new movie “Blackbird” in two weeks and will consider live tweeting her 2008 film “The Secret Life Of Bees” if she gets the heads up.

There is nothing quite like a live exchange but here are 13 things we learned about “Love & Basketball” from its director, Gina Prince-Bythewood.

13. Tyra Banks character Kyra was more focused that we thought…

“There was a scene in the original cut where its clear she is in it for the nba life. but had to cut it for time.”

12. Need a good slow jam? Roger that.

“Example of how you can have great performances, but you also need the perfect song.”

11.  Seek and you shall find…

“.@ErikaRingor @AVAETC i found you in an open call for female ballplayers! knew you were special when i saw you.”

10.   Like father like son…

“Wish i was that smart, but i needed omar in a goatee to look older. that was the hot look back then.”

9. Maxwell almost didn’t make it…

“.@atGreerR maxwell song was 2 much for our budget. tried 40 diff songs but nothing worked. begged studio & they finally gave in. so grateful”

8. Tyra took one for the team…

“we were able to afford 2 fly 2 spain 2 shoot because Tyra agreed to wear a virgin airline uniform in scene”

7.  She got game

“hired a basketball double for that scene but sanaa trained so hard i never had to use her! kind of actress a director loves.”

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