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According to various reports, the man who had a part in the death of legendary rapper The Notorious B.I.G. has escaped from an Atlanta prison. Clayton Armstrong Hill is currently on the run from law enforcement.

There are documents signed by the United States Magistrate, Judge Russell G. Vineyard, giving a vague description of how Hill escaped. Apparently, Clayton Armstrong Hill just walked off the prison grounds without being detected. Nobody noticed he was gone until it was time to do a bed check. Deputy U.S. Marshall Clay M. Cleveland says, “I was notified by officials … that inmate Clayton Armstrong Hill walked off the grounds. A bed count was conducted to verify Hill’s status and at approximately 6:40 p.m. Hill was identified as missing.”

What kind of prison was Hill in that made it so easy to just walk off, you ask? Clayton Armstrong Hill was placed in a medium security prison after he plead guilty to upwards of 100 counts of fraudulent federal income tax returns in the mid-2000s. In his book “Diary of An Ex-Terrorist” Hill confessed that he was an accessory after the fact in the Biggie murder.  In the book, Hill implicates the Nation of Islam as being a part of the murder and subsequent cover up. He became involved when he helped a man who claimed to be the person who shoot the fatal bullets into Biggie’s truck that fateful night in 1997.

To read more of Clayton Armstrong Hill’s confession about the Biggie murders, head over to HipHopDX. And if you have any information about Clayton Armstrong Hill’s whereabouts, call the police.


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