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In a recent posting on The Huffington Post, there was a discussion about Oprah’s struggles with weight. For almost as long as we’ve known her, Oprah has been battling weight issues, this is no secret. It almost endeared her to us even more. She looked like people we knew, she wasn’t a stereotypical black beauty and we loved her for it. We appreciated her struggles and her flaws because we could relate. While not everyone battles addictions to weight, most of us are fighting addictions to something. Even if it’s watching too much TV or spending more time on social media than we do with loved ones, we can all relate to having a hard time trying to break bad habits, and Oprah has continued to fight her demons publicly.

As a result of this, Oprah’s body image took a hit. A big one.

Says Ms. Winfrey about a party invite that she got to Don Johnson’s;

“I actually thought at the time that being thin made me better, I [had] gained five pounds and I was invited to a party by Don Johnson. I did not go to that party because I thought the five pounds made me too fat — not good enough — to be at Don Johnson’s party.”

“[Ego] is sick. It’s wily, it’s cunning, it’s deceptive. It’s an imposter imposing on the real you. You’re not the shape of your body. You’re not your status. You’re not your position in life. You’re not the car you drive, no matter how fancy it is. You’re not your house or your square footage.”

Take a look at the video below!


So many people need to hear this, simply because it can give hope. Oprah is still sharing her flaws with us, and we are still able to relate to her, even if it’s through weight struggles only.



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