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Strawberry Letter: How Can I Make This Work?

Dear Steve and Shirley,

My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years and recently we have been plummeting down. I’ve done something’s I’m not proud of in our relationship but she has forgiven me and stuck through it all with me. But she recently seen messages between me and a friend of mine. In the texts messages there were sexual references. No nothing never went down between the two of us but it was enough for her to say we are over . Now it feels like I’m fighting a losing battle because of the words she chooses to use they just give me a pitted feeling in my gut that we will never be again. We had a talk last night face to face that ended with a kiss and a hug. Please help me fix this please she’s the only one I want and need I don’t want our family broken it’s not good for the kids.

Signed a working soul

Listen to Steve and Shirley respond to this letter below:

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