Strawberry Letter: Am I Wrong for Being Upset?

Dear Steve and Shirley,

This weekend I met my girlfriend’s best friend and husband; my girlfriend and I have only been dating for three months so this was my first time meeting this friend. When we walked into the restaurant the friend shook my hand but her husband who was clearly intoxicated embraced my girlfriend in an inappropriate manner and then proceeded to kiss on her, not on the lips but neck and cheek. I thought this was very inappropriate on his part and on my girlfriend’s part for allowing this to take place. Well, this continued after we got seated. I went to the car to get our jackets and when I came back in they had been seated and “he” tells me to sit next to his wife which again didn’t sit well with me, I didn’t want to create a scene or appear to be insecure but I felt this was all inappropriate behavior. I felt he disrespected his wife and her best friend by allowing this to continue to go on and that’s the end of it but it went on the entire evening. I spoke to my girlfriend about this when we got in and I could tell she didn’t like my saying anything about it. Her response to me was she didn’t see anything inappropriate and then I said to her did you ever consider your friend’s feelings? Because she clearly appeared bothered by it. She said to me “well, since I see that it’s a problem for you I will not allow this to happen again.” Not one time did she acknowledge that it was inappropriate. Am I wrong Steve? I truly wanted to kick his behind and drop her because you’re old enough to know that this was wrong. Now she said if I had done the same thing that she would be very upset and not tolerate it. Please advise.

Thank you,

Dallas, TX

Listen to Steve and Shirley respond to this letter below:


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