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Man! Don’t come for Rihanna unless she calls for you! Anyone on social media should know by now that if you hit Rihanna she hits back…hard! Apparently the young lady on the left side of this picture made a comment on Instagram regarding Ri Ri’s family members, and Rihanna saw it!

Allegedly, ms_kasharna1 said;

“I swear everyone in Rihanna’s family looks like they’re retarded… Must be the drugs and alcohol!”

As is to be expected, Rihanna didn’t take too kindly to the comments, not in the least. But as we just said, when Rihanna hits back on social media she hits super hard. This time was no exception! Ri Ri posted the above picture with a caption that read;

“Spot the difference.”

Ouch! Not nice. It’s still not clear it the two even know each other. But it appears that ms_kasharna1 has spoken on Rihanna before on Twitter as well. According to, ms_kasharna1 also supposedly tweeted;

 ”Rihanna looks so dirty!!! Like she hasn’t showered in days!”

“@Chrisbrown would just punch @rihanna in the face again”.

Apparently ms_kasharna1 deleted the pictures from Instagram, and we’re hearing that her Twitter may have been deactivated as well, but it may be too little too late for all of that. We sure hope she didn’t have any professional connections attached to either account. None of this is worth destroying your name or brand over.

Bottom line, don’t at [@] people in your mean comments if you don’t want them to see it and retaliate. As a matter of fact, make sure that if you say something, you are prepared for that person, their camp and a whole gang of fans and followers to come for your mentions. Folks have zero chill when they feel attacked, especially when total strangers are doing it. And their camps often feel the same way. But the fans, the fans are even worse than the artists and their camps sometimes! Artists tend to have far more followers than the rest of us, so their ability to embarrass others is a quite a bit more elevated than us common folk. So when in doubt, don’t do it!

We hope these ladies can find some resolution before this gets any uglier. Hopefully there are no instigators trying to keep it going.


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