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The Kardashian clan can’t seem to keep their name out of the headlines. Now that I think about it, I don’t think they want their names out of the headlines. In the latest bit of drama, Rob Kardashian is being sued for allegedly stealing some camera equipment from a photographer when they tried to take shirtless pictures of him.

Last month, a woman named Andra Vaik filed a lawsuit against the reality star saying he stole the memory card from her camera after he realized she was taking pictures of him without his shirt. Why would Rob Kardashian be so uptight about people seeing him without a shirt? Well, he gained a lot of weight following the breakup he went through with pop singer Rita Ora. Rob is currently in the middle of a heavy weight loss regiment and more than likely has a contract being drawn up to sell the before and after photos to a magazine.

Vaik’s attorney said, “While this case is still in the preliminary stage, it is clear from our investigation that Robert Kardashian’s violent behavior and his use of force towards Ms. Vaik was completely unjustified.”

Rob Kardashian says the reason he flipped out on the photographer is because she was trespassing on private property for the unapproved snapshots. Other people at the fitness facility support Rob’s story saying the photographer was in the parking garage hiding in her car. She only moved from her car to take the unflattering photos.

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