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Tony Parker knows how mortally wounded the LA fans are behind those 4 losses beat downs he and the San Antonio Spurs delivered  to the Lakers and he has just one word to say about it! TMZ caught up with the French phenom and he delivered a a super quick message to those fans!

Check it out!

Hilarious, the camera man had more to say than Tony did! But let’s be honest, we all know that  if that was Kobe coming out of the restaurant, and The Lakers had just won 4 up, this video would have been a totally different situation all together! Bryant would have bragged  forever about it!

It’s OK LA fans there’s always next year! And to the Spurs fans, you have a classy guy on your hands there! Most guys would have gotten right up in the camera and flossed about it! There’s something dope about a humble winner.  Good for you Tony Parker and good luck next round sir.


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