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Biggie Smalls was absolutely correct when he made “Mo Money, Mo Problems.” The recent New Jersey Powerball winner Pedro Quezada is experiencing that now. Quezada is being hit up to pay child support because the lottery winner is $29,000 behind.

Passaic Police went to Pedro Quezada’s apartment the day after he claimed his $338 million winnings. It appeared no one was home at the time the police knocked on the door. Local newspaper The record began an email correspondence with the Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik where he told the publication that Quezada isn’t immune to arrest if the back child support remains unpaid. Normally, the Lottery Division would subtract delinquent balances from the winner’s money before the winner is allowed to pick up their money.

According to a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department, Pedro Quezada hasn’t paid child support since 2009. He does have five children and it’s unclear which child is the one he owes all of the money for. While $29,000 sounds like a lot of money to those who haven’t won the lottery, it’s a drop in the bucket to Pedro. He won $338 million, but he opted for the lump sum which means he walked away with $221 million and after taxes that lump sum is still $152 million. he better fork over that dough before he lands in prison. Family court is no joke.


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