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Strawberry Letter: Stay Friends or End All of the Relationship

Good Morning Crew,

Just recently my best friend and I had a serious falling-out. He has always been a part of my life during the most important moments of my life. He was my first love, my date to my senior prom, he attended my graduation and was also present at the hospital when my daughter was born. Around August of last year he and I started getting closer & moving in the direction of a relationship. He was calling me his wife, my daughter his daughter, my family his family and would tell me how much he loved and adored me. About two weeks ago I started seeing posts on my Facebook news feed about he & another young lady that were on the romantic level and also pictures of them together with him titling her as “My Love” – the same thing he called me. I confronted him about it. He pretty much said that the relationship they were forming was the “baggage” that was keeping us from making it official. I say it was not baggage, it’s simply a relationship. I made it clear that I was not up for being a second choice or a “sideline chick”. He told me he was going to be in a relationship “PERIOD” & I would have to deal with it. He said he can’t say goodbye so he hopes to see me soon. I just responded by saying I forgive him and I will always be his friend.

Did I over react? And should I just cut all ties with him?

Listen to Shirley and Steve respond to this letter below:


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