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Always bet on black!  Leonard Cooper, a teen genius with a ‘fro that would make Angela Davis proud,  walked away with the winning title on “Teen Jeopardy.”  Using good old fashioned smarts and nerves of steel, Leonard went to the head of the class when he wagered all $18,000 of his winnings on a Daily Double question, and doubled it to $36,200 with the correct question.

When it finally came down to Final Jeopardy, Leonard wisely wagered $0  on a World War II question (“On June 6, 1944, he said, ‘The eyes of the world are upon you,’”),  writing on his answer board: “”Who is some guy in Normandy, but I just won $75,000!”

Leonard walked away with a combined jackpot of $75,000.

Watch Leonard in action below:

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