Strawberry Letter: Why Won’t The Past Remain The Past

Good morning, Steve and Shirley.

I am 28, single mom, hardworking, family oriented, and humble child of God. For the past year my ex of years had a mutual agreement that the relationship was over and that we were growing in different directions. I have been working toward a greater relationship with God and a better attitude. He has been establishing his company. During this break I’ve been dating and there is no one I would like to pursue. Him on the other hand reconnected with his ex-girlfriend of years who he never got over and said he will always have feelings for.

The past two months we started calling each other more admitting we missed each other. We hooked up and sex became our primary focus with every meeting. While I’m aware of his ex now made current I ask what are we doing? Where does he stand with her? He refers to her as his complicated situation. She lives in another state, so I asked are you here with me out of convenience? He replies, No and the fool in me wants to believe him. This past year I was convinced that I was completely done with this relationship now I’m questioning did I make a mistake leaving in the first place? When he asked me to just be patient and we will live our best lives together in due time.

Recently he inquired about my future living arrangements and suggested we move in together soon. I agreed and started speaking more on our future happily. He says I’m stressing him out by forcing him to make a decision about his ex/current. I’ve been well aware that he has issues with getting over the past. Running between the two of us is his comfort zone instead of starting something new. I love this man and I believe he loves me as well. We pray together and we both would like to see the other happy even if it is not together.

What should I do? I never let an ex return before I believe it is something here.

Listen to Shirley and Steve respond to this letter below:


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