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Strawberry Letter: My Supposed To Be Wife

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I’m a truck driver and I love your show. My letter is about my supposed-to-be wife. Well I must say that I haven’t been the most honest person in our relationship and I have paid for it physically and financially. So let’s get down to the good. We’ve been going through a lot for the last two or three months and a few weeks ago was my breaking point with the relationship. I started to have a nervous breakdown out here on the road and when I told her about it, she told me to figure it out on my own. In doing so, I lost my job and now my children act as if they won’t talk to me. I was hired the next day by another company. My wife and I have been sending unsavory texts and emails to one another. The last straw was the day that I finished orientation with the new company and I got cursed out in a text message. I responded instead of reacting, and I said “Thank you for believing in me.” Then I got a phone call with her saying, I love you and I want you. Then she texted me some pictures that were supposed to be us having sex but they were not, it was her with another man. The real problem began when she tried to convince me that it was me. I really want to go back to her but I just can’t until she admits what really happened. It’s been 5 and half years of ups and downs, but I know in my heart that she is the best thing that has ever happened in my life besides my children being born. I don’t know what to do. I NEED HELP!

Listen to Shirley and Steve respond to this letter below:


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