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Strawberry Letter: A Wild Man

Dear Steve and Shirley,

Please tell me what you think I should do in this matter… After being alone for at least 5 years, I met a guy online and he’s a bit older and seemed settled. So after talking for 5 months, we met in person for our first time and it was horrible. I felt raped in a sense. After dinner and a day out at the mall shopping, laughing and talking, we ended up in bed together. He was an animal. He was so very rough and I felt like I was raped. He apologized and said it was because he hadn’t had sex in a while, but I’m so turned off by him that I won’t take his calls or emails. I want to just walk away, but do you think I’m being too harsh? The hate overpowers the care at this point. Do I need to keep walking and not look back?

Please advise.

Listen to Shirley and Steve respond to this letter below: