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From the time Tamar Braxton stepped in the #TeamBeautiful office, we were sold on the fact that she was totally in love with her husband, music super producer, Vince Herbert and he in turn adored her and all her personality. Many accusations have hit the rumor mill–from her marrying him just for his money, to the latest story of the couple splitting ways.

And it’s no surprise that talk show host Wendy Williams actually accused Tamar of planting that story for ratings for the new show “Tamar And Vince”, which airs on WEtv. Well, Tamar set that record all-the-way straight and appeared on her show to clear up some things.

On the rough times in her marriage:

No, never. When we got married, we decided that divorce wasn’t an option.

On where rumors started: 

I don’t know. I don’t really, lie because it’s hard for me to remember stuff. I would never put a rumor out like that…because this is my baby.

If she had any reality tv regrets:

I don’t have any regrets…its just that now people think it’s okay to comment on how they can comment on our relationship.

On what Toni Braxton said about Oprah:

I think what Toni was saying was that people were looking at her different. I think that’s what she was saying. Oprah’s a human being as well, and she hurts people’s feeling sometimes.

But what you may have missed amongst that bit of drama was the new singing competition that Wendy and Vince have created, “Wendy’s Next Great Voice.”

Watch the full interview here:

Glad one of our favorite couples is making it work!

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