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Strawberry Letter: I Can’t Stand Having Sex With My Husband Anymore

HELP!! My husband of 12 years is terrible in bed. It has never been outstanding but since I’ve been married to him for 12 years, its been tolerable. But over the years it has gotten progressively worse. He can’t even keep it up for 2 minutes. His performance in bed is declining more and more. He doesn’t do anything to please me. He is purely self serving. At this point, when he asks to have sex I often turn it down because I feel like why bother? I get nothing out of it. He asked me this morning and I told him, my back hurts. He got mad and went to his mothers. I’ve never cheated and would never. But it is impacting the marriage. He is an extremely sensitive person and any little thing I say to him is taken the wrong way. He gets upset and goes to mommy house. I don’t want to bruise his male ego but, the sex sucks and I get more pleasure from self-serving. How do I tell him he doesn’t please me at all? How do I say, he doesn’t even excite me because I know what the end result is going to be. I’d rather pass on it. He’s had his prostate checked but it was a few years ago. Are men suppose to have it checked yearly? Is it his age? He’s 51, I’m 39. Maybe there are men who have it and those who don’t and unfortunately, my husband is among the have nots.

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