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Strawberry Letter: Ex-Wife Issues

Dear Steve and Shirley,

9 years ago, my ex-wife left me for another man and had a child by him soon after. We’ve got joint custody of our 13 and 11-year-old sons. I have since remarried and have twin 5-year-old daughters with my current wife. Being that my wife and I are both lawyers and therefore what you may say ‘well off’, we often take our children and my sons on family trips to Disney World and even overseas whenever school is out. Plus I’ve always made it my duty to raise and provide for my children in every way.

My problem is my ex-wife. She basically left me for a good for only one thing type of dude who can’t keep a job longer than two years, gambles obsessively, and cheats on her constantly (talk about the irony). I recently heard from my mother who still talks to my ex regularly that the daughter they have together is apparently feeling left out in that she doesn’t get to go to trips, get nice clothes, or even that much attention from her so-called father. My mother surprisingly feels I should take this child under my wing which has me totally appalled since they’re not even related! I have NO biological or legal connection to this child and the fact that my ex-wife would cheat on me, have a baby on me, and try to request through my own mother to help support HER child has got me pissed beyond belief!

I’m not bitter about the break up, I just don’t see the point in handling some other man’s business. And here’s the kicker even my wife is starting to voice the same opinions, although I suspect the only reason she’s siding with my mother is to attempt to win favor with her because she knows my mother has always resented our interracial union.

Shirley and Steve please help! Got fo’ and don’t want no mo’!

Listen to Steve and Shirley comment on this letter below:


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