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Strawberry Letter: Why Do I Feel Guilty? [AUDIO]

Dear Morning Show,

I just called it quits on my 5 year marriage. I have 2 beautiful kids from him but it has wore me thin. I will try to make this short. I first found my husband cheating on me when I was pregnant with my second child. By searching through his phone, he had several pics of naked women that he had been speaking with.

It broke my heart and I was ready to leave but I was talked into staying by our families, but after everytime I turn around he is chatting with some female calling her sexy and other inappropriate words, so I decided to try to get even. Little did I know that made it worse. Two years ago his sister-in-law advised me that in our first year of marriage while we lived in GA he got a female pregnant and he told me, so that was the reason for our most recent argument at that time.

Since then we went to marriage counseling and we had a two-week truth moment. He advised that he did not have another baby. We have been doing good but only for about six months. My great sunday night ended by receiving a private call from a girl saying she had a son by my husband and she just wanted me to know. She advertised that my husband calls the child on a regular and sends child support. As the female was talking I put her on speaker so he could here it, and he had the look of shame all over his face, but once I got off the phone he denied even knowing the girl and she would not send me any pics to confirm her story, but that started my search.

I looked through phone records and post, I found several other females my husband chatted with on a constant basis and if he could lie to me about that he would about anything. So I told him before I start hating you I will remove myself from this relationship because we have kids together, but why do I feel guilty about my decision?

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