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Strawberry Letter: My Boyfriend Keeps His Phone In His Pocket At All Times

Dear morning show…

Okay I have a situation that’s really affecting my relationship with my man. I’ve been involved with him for 4 years and during those 4 years he was messing around with other women. So yes I have trust issues. And his CELL PHONE is a major issue, I’ve told him time and time again about the issues I have with his phone.

When I’m around the phone is in his pocket all times on vibrate, but wait it use to be on silent…at night when it’s time for bed, the phone will stay in his pocket, he will not put it on the charger. Now don’t get me wrong there have been times where he has put it on the charger and one morning he went to the restroom so of course I looked at the phone and I seen a missed call, so of course I called the number and it was a female. So I looked into the number and found out it was an ex chick that he was messing with while with me. And I think being that I’ve seen things in his phone before and that’s why he kept it put away then. I believe that it’s the bull that was going on before.

He says that I make it out to be bigger then what it really is. If I have found things in the phone before that didn’t belong and he’s doing the exact same stuff he was before do I have a right to feel how I feel about this cell phone situation? Because it’s to the point now where I’m like it must be something you don’t want me to see nor hear.

And another thing is, he puts an application on the phone to block numbers, but turns that off when I’m not around. Am I crazy for sticking around or should I just let it go?

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