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Strawberry Letter: What Should I Do?  How Should I Do It?

Me and my boyfriend have been discussing marriage. I really love this man and I can’t wait to be his wife. I am a single mother with 2 children and I have been blessed with a good job, 2 cars, a home, 2 vacation homes, and a income property. I owned these things before we got together.

He is a wonderful boyfriend and I love him very much, but my salary is about 3x’s more than his and that sometimes causes some complications in the relationship because he doesn’t always agree with how I spend my money sometimes.

So, my question is, I feel that legally I should ask him to sign a prenup before we get married. The reason I say this is because I have two children that are not by him and I want to make sure that if anything happens to me that my assets and things go to my children, but I wonder if I ask him to sign if that would change the dynamics of our relationship and he would feel like I don’t trust him? I’m a little afraid of what might happen between us if I ask, but at the same time I have to be careful and do what I think is best for me and my children.

Help me with a way that I can address this and get this done where he doesn’t feel like I don’t trust him or love him more than my things? Do you think I should ask him to sign a prenup at all?

Please help

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