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With the Valentine’s Day weekend upon us many folks will be looking for a flick to cuddle up with. But what are the choices? The sad fact is that seeing two Black people in love (or even lust) on the big screen is becoming more and more rare. Remember when it felt like we had another movie filled with beautiful brown skinned people coming out several times a year? A lot of you fifteen-year-olds owe your existence to a date night where Love Jones was shown. Trust.

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But we want to hear from you. We’ve collected a sweet 16 of Black romance movies for you to vote on and tell us which is #1. Is it Boomerang? Why Did I Get Married? Love & Basketball? Well...CLICK HERE TO VOTE and tell us!

Each week the tournament will face off the survivors until YOU pick a winner in the finals. May the best movie win!

If you need a refresher, here are some of our favorite clips from the competing movies:


Love Jones

Love & Basketball

Poetic Justice

Brown Sugar