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Video model Erica Mena was the catalyst for a lot of the  dram on this past season of Love and Hip Hop. We were introduced to her when she got brolic with Kimbella and then called the cops when Kimbella scratched her in the face. Recently, Erica did an interview where she played a game of Word Association. She showed love to all of the ladies except Kimbella and Somaya Reece.

When the interviewer threw out Reece’s name, Mena responded with, “Tacos.” Erica said she gets hungry when she sees Somaya “The Boss” Reece because she’s fat.

Is Erica going at Somaya because Somaya was right when she said Erica had no real reason to beef with Kimbella except to get on the show? Like Somaya said before, no matter how much Erica disses them, they still get paid to be on Love and Hip Hop.


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