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Chelsea Handler just revealed that Ciara was the reason she and 50 Cent broke up, but during the same interview, she addressed her “beef” with Nick Cannon who recently called the comedian out on Twitter after hearing she’d made jokes about his wife Mariah Carey.

In response, Chelsea told Howard Stern:

“Anyone who’s married to Mariah Carey, I’m pretty sure doesn’t have a great sense of humor. I mean, she’s ridiculous. What’s her game plan? What kind of a person operates like that? She thinks she’s – she’s worse than Elizabeth Taylor. She’s just so ridiculous with her body – you see her one day and she’s 50 pounds heavier or lighter. I mean, what is she doing? I don’t even understand what hemisphere people like that operate in. There’s nothing real about her and her Hello Kitty.”

Granted, Mariah is over the top – her divatude, obsession with butterflies and glitter, and refusal to remove her stilettos would drive anybody crazy, but should Chelsea really be asking Mariah what her game plan is? Mimi seems set to us.

Check the 1:20 mark.

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