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Ministers  inspire creative thinking, hard-work  harvest  raw materials wisdom and creativity to build the kingdom. Good minsters  are not looking for sermons to preach; they are looking for catalytic ideas for how to connect with contemporary thinking and culture.  They help shape the way you see life.

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For centuries, the black church, although not monolithic, has been the hub of the community. From serving as a gathering place to providing food, clothes and financial needs to it’s parishioners, the church has been more than just preaching, singing and paying tithes and offering.

Our friends over at Loop 21 have created a list that by far is one of the most engaging ones we have seen.

First on the list is:

Freddie Mays Friendship-West Baptist, Dallas, Texas

For more than 28 years, Pastor Freddie Haynes has been serving the Dallas area through his church Friendship-West Baptist. Growing his ministry to over 12,000 members, Dr. Haynes believes in intertwining theology with sociology to meet the needs of his members. Not only that, he shares his words of wisdom every morning of the nationally syndicated Rickey Smiley Morning Show, where millions are blessed by his words.

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