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Strawberry Letter: A Married Man Is In Love With Me

Good morning Steve, Shirley and morning crew,

I need some advice if I am doing the right thing or not. I met this man about 3 years ago at my job. I know his whole family and we are good friends. The thing is he has been chasing me for the past 3 years but he is married!

He says that their marriage is over with but I have told him time and time again that I have morals and I do not mess with married men but yet 3 years later he is still chasing me and won’t give up. I told him that the only way anything would ever happen is if he got a divorce and he had paper work to prove he got one but even then I am not sure I would be with him cause like I have said to him before if you are doing this to your wife now what makes me think you wouldn’t do the same to me.

He always gives me some BS line but I just ignore it. But here is the twist to the story… He treats me better then ANY single man has ever treated me before and boy I tell you what my streak with single men have been really really bad… If I am hungry and broke he will go out his way to get me something to eat. If I need cigarettes he will go out his way to get me some. He is always there for me when I get hurt by other men or need advice about other men or just about life.

If I am down and out and depressed about life he is there as a shoulder to cry on or to make me smile. He doesn’t let anyone disrespect me but he is a really good person and I would be lying if I say it doesn’t attract me to him cause it really does. But because he is married and I have morals I haven’t touched him, kissed him nothing but have been times where he treats me so good I just want to give in.

Am I doing the right thing? Please help me…

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