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When a reality television star realizes their five milliseconds of fame are almost depleted, they begin to get desperate to maintain some piece of the spotlight. The latest reality show cast member to try her hand at singing is Bad Girls Club 7 alum, Angie. She has delivered a clip for her single, “Baby, I’m A Bad Girl.” For those that don’t know, Angie is the spicy Latina who got her faced scratched in an argument over someone flipping her mattress.

The native New Yorker sings about what she knows best–using her body to get what she wants. Though the singing and video are as ratchet as ratchet can get, the one thing I was left wondering was how can auto-tune make someone with annoying voice sound worse. Angie’s speaking voice is a high pitched, nasally something. Here, it sounds 5,000 times worse. No word if she’s actively looking for a deal, but if she was, I’m sure she’d be laughed out of every record company this side of sanity. Angie, Cassie already is already occupying the pretty-face-weak-voice lane. Try something new.

Check the video out below and leave your review in the comments.


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