Strawberry Letter: Am I The Worst Ever?

Dear Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey,

While traveling I fell for a good man. We HIT IT OFF,talking daily for MONTHS,officially dating long distance. His mom was terminally ill. I was there 4 him, even talked to his mom via phone. Perfect, right? Moms condition deteriorated – people were paying last respects. His ex came to town. I was OK until he couldn’t talk to me in her presence-red flag. FAst Fwd-the funeral. Flew myself cross country,got a hotel for a wk. Was at his beck & call. Funeral day. At the reception  he disappeared w/the ex. Back at the house he & ex alone in a back room for hrs. I felt so uncomfortable I decided to go to my hotel. He took me. We argued, he ADMITTED TO WRONG DOING. I forgave & stayed 7 more days. Months later we argue BAD. He tells me Im THE WORST and when he really needed me I wasn’t there for him. I was broken by this revelation. We broke up. I love him and thought I was being there for him. I cant sleep behind this. I feel horrible for calling him out on the day of his moms burial? I cant take it back…can I fix this?

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