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Strawberry Letter: I Met A May-Yin

Dear Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey,

I am a 28yr old bartender, and I meet a lot of different people during work. One particular night, I met this handsome 34 year old brotha. I mean six-two, great physique, dark chocolate, dimples and a smile to go with it! He is also successful!No kids! Hello! 🙂

We conversed throughout the night for he had not left my bar since he had gotten there. The attraction between us was a mutual thing so we exchanged numbers. After we closed he asked me to call him after I left, so I thought okay, why not! I’m kinda excited anyway but I had to call my friend first to express my excitement! lol. So after that, I called, and I get this whimpering cry from a man who just 2 minutes ago had me a lil happy, and It was an o.m.g. cry w/ deep breaths.

So then I learn his cousin was murdered and this is why, but still you just met me! Shouldn’t you call someone you’ve known longer than 4 hours? And the crying part was just such a turn off for me. In my mind, real men cry silent, or when no one one is around. I just don’t know.

So, should I walk away from this one or ride it out to see where it goes?!

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