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Strawberry Letter: If I Don’t Protect My Girls Who Will?

Dear Steve & Shirley,

I’m 34, divorced after 13years of marriage single mother of two daughters 16 & 11. Needless to say, I don’t receive any support from my ex husband no child support, no parenting support. One day last week while I was in the shower, something told me that my 16 year old daughter had a boy behind my couch. I shook it off and went to check on my daughter. I asked her, “was there anyone in the house” and she said no. So I took her for her word and went back to my room.

Now again there was a voice that said “get up there is a boy behind the couch.” Steve & Shirley I couldn’t ignore the voice this time. So I went in my kitchen and got my broom stick and started beating on whatever was behind my couch. I started to hear screams and this boy jumps from behind the couch. Long story short, I called the police because he said that he was 17 and they took him away, I beat my daughter’s ass with the broom stick and sent her over to her father’s house that night.

Now the next day I was looking for “evidence” if you know what I mean and guess what I found, the boy’s wallet and coming to find out the boy was not 17 he was 21… I told my boyfriend what happen and he was very upset to say the least. You see, he lives one state over and was coming to see me that following weekend. My man went to the hardware store and got a pressure treated stick of wood and took care of business.

I will say this, that young man could be a meteorologist because he will feel it in his knees every time it rains…….. Trying to protect my family……

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