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Subject: Robbed At Gunpoint

Dear Shirley Strawberry & Steve Harvey,

Please help me!!! I was robbed at gunpoint and my spouses teenager set it up and watched. My children were there. It was very scary. My spouse never disciplined his child for this. We don’t have a good relationship. Blended families are not easy; but if both adults are not on the same page it wont work. Ive had to deal with disrespect, theft,etc…but the icing on the cake was the robbery. Forgiveness is the hope that the past could’ve been different. Ive told my spouse i will forgive in my time and Ive been asking god to help me with this. My spouse and I have decided to go are separate ways. He wanted us to work it out, but i refuse to live like a prisoner. We have children together and their happiness is important to me. Ive never been rich, but i feel financially i struggle more when he was in the home. I’m still struggling but i pray everyday things will get better. Please help me. Thank you.