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Strawberry Letter: Weed Woman & Relationship

I’m an African and you’re so different and really proud of you. Wish you could do more for black women. This morning on your PS announcement you said those who smoke the weed are stupid. Most black women (really beautiful) grew up thinking that there is nothing wrong with it because their mothers had guys who smoked it and in their presence. So most of their boyfriends are weed smokers and there is nothing wrong with it.

Do you know what? I think black women should go on strike NO TO ALL MEN WHO SMOKE WEED even social weed smokers. The men will stop smoking the weed and there will be less divorce and restraining orders. I know you’re a one man crusader for better relationships. Please can you have a segment purely devoted for black women? If black women have standards or sets of values to live by the black race is on their way to more greatness.

I’m not saying Africans don’t smoke weed but their women don’t accept me who do. So they go to any extent to hide it from women. I’m really proud of what you’re doing and may God bless you and your family.

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