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Strawberry Letter: Should I Tell My Friend Before It Gets Serious?

Dear Steve and Shirley,

A few years ago, I started seeing a guy. This relationship was casual and not very serious,therefore, not many people knew about the relationship between the two of us. Recently a very close friend of mine started seeing the same guy. They are in the beginning stages of dating, or whatever they are doing. I do not know if they plan to establish a relationship or not, but a part of me feels the need to tell her that the guy and I have had dealings.

Another part of me wants to keep quiet and not cause any interference between the pair. I have never been emotionally attached to the guy, and still speak to him when I see him. My thing is, I do not want to have to keep a secret like this from my friend if she and he decide to establish something.

Please give advice on how to approach this situation delicately.

Sincerely Yours,


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