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During his syndicated radio show on Majic 107.5 / 97.5, Steve Harvey called out Cornel West and Tavis Smiley for their poverty bus tour, while defending President Barack Obama.

After a listener sent an email about the duo’s tour being a hustle, Harvey didn’t shy away for offering his own opinion — accusing West and Smiley for using personal vendettas to damage Obama’s name.

“I was a huge fan of Cornel West,” he said. “[But] Tavis, I seen him coming a mile away. His anger started when he had a town hall meeting, President Obama couldn’t come because of the campaign trail and he sent Mrs. Obama. He has held that grudge ever since.”

Harvey continued his rant by referring to Smiley and West as being affiliated with (which stands out for “Uncle Tom Look Out”).

Harvey mocked the tour by saying, “Make sure you don’t get on the poverty bus… because if you ain’t po’, when you ride the bus, you become po’.”

Read the full story at The Grio.

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