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Just like your favorite pair of jeans that has acquired that inappropriate rip that keeps you from sitting like a pretzel, all good things must come to an end. This even includes your summer, where you may have found that awesome guy at your summer job who makes the heat wave bearable and the big city seem a little more personable. But just because the summer nights are getting colder and you’re starting to get out your suitcases to pack doesn’t mean that you also need to cut it off with your summer boy, or does it? We have continued to struggle with the idea of long distance relationships and once again, we have gotten mixed reviews:

From “long distance is completely the wrong distance and it’s not even worth trying”: The worst case scenario would be if you tried to make an amazing relationship work long distance and you end up resenting each other. You go from having something so perfect and all of a sudden the texts are less frequent, the phone calls are boring, your video chats just aren’t cutting it, and the mix-tape he made you makes you want to vomit. The good butterflies that you used to get in the morning turn into stomach aches and you spend all your free time refreshing his Facebook page to stalk every pretty girl that adds him as a “friend”. How do they know each other? Why did she write that on his wall? God I wish I could see what he wrote back. You’ve entered crazy territory when you consider making a fake profile to friend her.

Rather than ever letting it get to this point, you should just enjoy a good thing while it lasts. Summer flings are just that- flings. If you have great chemistry together and you see each other as “the one,” then agree to keep each other in mind until you have reached the point where long distance isn’t necessary. There’s no point in trapping each other in a summer relationship when the seasons are changing. If it was meant to be, you will remain as a part of each others lives without having the title. When the time is right, everything will turn out the way that it should.

From “when you have something good, don’t take it for granted and make it work“: This girl is a huge fan of our piece How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work. Just because you are going back to your daily grind doesn’t mean that you have to stop being a part of each others lives. In fact, staying together after the summer might make the rest of the year more bearable. Okay, so maybe you won’t be able to go to every happy hour together. And he won’t be able to come over to kill that giant bug that managed to get inside. Bottom line is, if you really fell for each other, he will still be there to give you the main emotional support that you need. Also, long distance relationships can be pretty healthy. You had your summer of sex and the city, and now you can go back to your usual lifestyle. However, this time you’ll have an awesome guy to call/text/tweet/skype whenever you need some romance time.

What do you think? Are long distance relationships worth it? Or should we stick to dating people that we can see more?

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