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Strawberry Letter: Fed Up With Being Disrespected

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I’m a man lost here in Georgia I have always tried to give my wife everything she needed and wanted in our 16 yrs together. When I met her she had 2 kids already and we had 1 together. Well as the kids grew up we always argued in front of them and when she got mad she would always say don’t listen to him he is not your daddy to the kids.

So now that the kids are 16 ,14 and 11 they don’t respect me nor listen to me. I work hard everyday to provide for them and now after all these years the 16 yr olds real dad has started to show up now remember he has never been there for the kid before. One day I got off of work early and came home to find him and my wife sitting on the couch talking I ask what’s going on and she says they are talking about his son.

So a week later I was coming home from work and who do I see my wife and him in my truck driving down the road I called her cell phone and she says she was just taking him to work he didn’t have a ride. So when she got home she says its nothing going on she just wants to help him out he is going through some rough times.

STEVE I have told her I don’t like it but she says don’t worry its nothing going on. What should I do because I’m getting fed up with this being disrespect.

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