Shirley, I have a problem with my brother and his wife. My mother has always raised me and my 5 brothers to always be honest about things and respect women as well as ourselves. This is something all of us have always shown until here recently. My second oldest brother recently showed up here at my home with another woman that was not his wife. I cant tell you the shock that was on my face. I wanted to ask him to leave with her, but didnt want to cause a scene. I pulled him to the side to talk to him about it, and he just said, “Long as _____ dont know, aint nobody being hurt”. The problem is that a few days later, his wife called me and asked me if my brother came here with another woman. His wife has always been the perfect sister-in-law to me and I didnt feel good lying to her face by stating that if he did, I didnt see it, and knew nothing about it. Now I am living with a guilty conscious because I lied to her and I have always been taught better. I feel that I cant break that brotherly trust, but at the same time I feel that I have broken a trust to a person that has been nothing less than “sister” to me. What can I do to help me clear my conscious?