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Strawberry Letter 23: My Dirty Old Man

I am married to a wonderful man whose also a wonderful husband and father. The problem is he’s NASTY!!! He doesn’t clean up after himself and doesn’t see why he should. It’s driving me nuts!

His bathroom is so nasty that the kids and I haven’t used it in 6 years. I’ve tried giving “date sex” if he cleans, no sex if he doesn’t, nagging, not nagging, etc. I have tried it all.

How can I get my dirty old man to clean up. I can’t do all the cleaning and take care of 4 kids, ages 6 months to 11 years old. The day I found 6 water bottles, 2 soda bottles, open ketchup and mustard packets, a CHICKEN bone and about 20 gum wrappers crammed under his side of the bed I put his stuff out!!! Currently he has 90 days (ends June 15th) to realize we can’t live like this. After that I will be hiring a cleaning co. to handle it no matter how much they cost. He’s cheap and embarrassed to have outsiders in the house so maybe he’ll come around.

Please help me. Tell me how I can get a grown man to clean up his mess. I hope he’s listening. He loves your show and advice.

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