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Men can get (and beat) breast cancer. Just ask KISS rocker Peter Criss, who is speaking out about his successful treatment during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Criss joins other male stars who have battled the illness and want you to know the facts.

At the gym in 2007, Criss noticed a lump in his left breast, he told CNN. Doctors removed a cancerous tumor. Criss, 63, got early treatment and is now cancer-free.

Mr. Meow: Famous for his cat face (see photos with and without makeup), Criss was KISS’ original drummer. In 2004 he left the band, which is now on tour with a new drummer.

Stats, stats! Male breast cancer:

* is most common between ages 60 and 70;

* is 100 times less common than female breast cancer. Why?

* will strike this many American men in 2009; and

* will kill this many in 2009.

Some men hate doctor visits, for many reasons. But as Criss attests, prompt medical attention improves your odds of beating breast cancer. Be alert to these symptoms.

Prevention pointers: Don’t drink heavily and maintain a healthy weight. For some men, doctors may suggest mammograms. Find more male breast-health tips.

Not alone: Other well-known men who faced breast cancer include a former NFL player, a game show announcer and the original star of “Shaft.”