Strawberry Letter 23: One Crazy Trip

Dear Morning Crew,

I am a thirty-two year old African American man with more problems than one. Lately my wife of five years has lost her mind . About a month ago I went on a ski trip party and since then my wife has been going crazy, soaking my cigars in milk, burning my clothes, hiding my phone and of course not giving me any sex.

One day I was so sick and tired of this mess I confronted her about these things and she responded by saying that I had slept with her sister while on the ski trip and now she was pregnant. Steve, I did sleep with my sister-in-law while on the ski trip, but I’m sure it’s not my baby, especially since my sister-in-law is a stripper and will get it from anywhere possible.

Steve help me from one brother to another. How do I explain to my wife that it is not my baby when every time I see her she is trying to kill me. Next it might go so far as her putting rat poison in my food.

Please help me!

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