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Strawberry Letter 23: The Man I Love Is A Woman

Steve please help me. I been dating this man for three years. When we first started to date everything was good. The sex was great as well. Two years into the relationship he asked to marry me, so i said yes. The first thing I did was call up all my family and friends to give them the good news. I asked him when was he going to tell his family and when was I going to meet them?

We’ve been together a year and I have not met or saw one picture of your family. He told me in due time I will meet them. I’d been hearing the story for so long I was sick of hearing it. So one night when he was sleep and I went through his phone. I dialed the number that says mommy. To my surprise on the other end it was this old lady saying Kim honey that you? I answered her by saying no i’m Shay, your son’s soon to be wife. The woman answered me by saying I only have one child her name is Kim. But she loves to be call Quan.

My heart dropped without giving her a chance to say anything I hung up. Tears roll down my eyes. The man I love is a female. That explains sex in the dark and never meeting his, well her family… please tell me what to do…should I stay or leave.

Yours Truly, I need help?