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Strawberry Letter 23: Fighting Temptation

Brother Steve, I’m needing advice on a personal matter. I am 45 years of age and engaged to a beautiful and wonderful woman. I’m unemployed and unease about this situation, but she is fine about this because she believe and understand our GOD will provide employment, despite my past drug addiction and criminal background. Yes, I’ve been drug free for 3 years without attending any NA programs. Now, we live together in her house with her 26 years of age daughter who works and attend college. The problem is when the daughter decides to parade around the house in underwear. I’ve confronted her many of times about this disrespectful behavior and it’s always, “This you like what you see remark?” It’s been a situation where she has made sexual advances. What must I do about her unwanted advances and disrespectful behavior towards me and her mother whom I love very much. Please help, I’m fighting temptation.

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