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The cocktail ring gained popularity during the Prohibition era, showing that not only were you breaking the law by attending an illegal cocktail party, but you were doing so in style. Luckily for us, socializing in that way is no longer considered taboo, so feel free to rock these rings without any shame! Warped Gem […]

The Day-Glo trend is back. And while electric neon’s may recall heinous 1980s style for you, there are ways that it can be incorporated into your everyday look without looking over-the-top! How To Buy The Right Mascara 7 Bright & Bold Lace Items For Under $50 The Color Block Trend Moves From Clothes To Make-Up! […]

Remember late last year when Sesame Street debuted their “I Love My Hair” song? Muppets of color were seen singing about embracing their afros, braids and curls. 25 Reasons We Love “A Different World” 47 Things You Didn’t Know About Michelle Obama The writer of the song, Joey Mazzarino, was inspired by his now 5-year-old […]

One way to allow you to wear your skirts and dresses all winter without resorting to your black stockings is to rock a pair of lace tights. Whether they’re in a floral, chevron, or crazy pattern, lace tights provide just enough material to keep you warm, while giving your legs an opportunity to sing. SEE […]