Reec & Tiny are back at it again! Breaking the norm of “Baecationing” on sunny beaches, they decided to catch a flight to Colorado and enjoy the scenic views in the always inviting Colorado Springs. They visited some must see stops including the Garden of he Gods, and they even took a ride to the […]

Christmas is coming early at the gas pump.

TSA is getting you ready for this Thanksgiving by dropping its list of foods you can travel with this Thanksgiving.

Ouch! Atlanta has been named one of the worst places to drive during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Travel volume this Thanksgiving holiday hits record levels Travel volume this holiday week is expected to be the highest in the last 10 years.  Here in Georgia, 1.4 million people will travel AAA believes that the worst traffic congestion will start tonight and then peak Wednesday afternoon from 3-5 p.m.  Also Georgians will pay the […]

As we approach the end of the holiday season, dead zones become a popular topic. If you want to travel at the start of the New Year or need help planning your next year holiday trip here are some helpful times of the year to plan accordingly: First two weeks of December (after Thanksgiving and […]

Evita Robinson is the founder of Nomadness, a travel tribe, blog, and community. Here, she discusses her five travel hacks to have you racking up passport stamps in no time!

These travel accounts will have you packing your bags in no time!

Why did a man in …Florida…  Think he was in “Back to the future”….   he told police he was trying to travel through time… but he wasn’t in a DeLorean… he was in a Dodge Challenger… The man plowed into a tax business and a Casket store For more information on the Funk Dats, […]

Amsterdam, Johannesburg and Singapore oh my! There's so many places to see in the world. Why not work there and get paid to see these places?

Since the thawing of longstanding oppositional relations between the United States and Cuba in the past year, the island nation has seen a serious uptick…

Spring is officially here beauties, so let’s pack our bags, skip town and get some much needed vitamin D. Winter woes move over because tis…