Songstress, SZA is having to address rumors of if she is beefing with singer Taylor Swift.

Kanye West has said a lot of outlandish things in his days, but when it comes to defending his wife, you never know how far he'll go.

The reality star feels like Taylor Swift is one of those who publicly bash Kanye West, just to make herself look better.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have deeply apologized to Australia after smuggling two dogs in to the country.

In 2015, Instagram was the place to go for the funniest photos, most shocking gossip, and up-to-the-minute information.

American Idol is getting ready to bid farewell to its audience. For over a decade, the singing competition series has entertained millions with performances and funny auditions from aspiring singers. For the final season’s promo video, Kanye West is seen walking into one of the auditions and taking the judges by surprise. Watch the promo clip above. Taylor […]

MTV is still sh*tting all over the humanity and perspectives of its Black viewers—and the Black artists it touts all over its programming, for that matter.