Man shot and killed on Roxbury Drive Detectives are working to find a killer in Clayton County. Police showed up on Roxbury Drive yesterday after getting a call of shots fired.  Police say a 28 years old man died on the way to the hospital.  Detectives have few leads on this case, if you have […]

Trash pick up cost could be going up The cost for trash pick up in Atlanta could be going up.  City leaders will meet this morning ( June 13, 2017) to look at raising the yearly rate from $88 to $102 and then the following year it’ll jump $116, if those increases are approved the […]

Why did a woman in California live in a Tiny home and get shocked?  Why did she go out to walk her dog and came back to find that someone had driven off with her home?  The crib was 13 feet tall, 33 feet long and 8 feet wide For more information on the Funk […]

Why did a 66 year old woman in Memphis argue with a person at the Social Security Administration office saying she didn’t get her check because she was dead?  The lady from the office said “Ma’am you’re dead! ”  The Memphis woman replied “The Hell I Am, I’m alive!!!” For more information on the Funk […]

Why did a man in …Florida…  Think he was in “Back to the future”….   he told police he was trying to travel through time… but he wasn’t in a DeLorean… he was in a Dodge Challenger… The man plowed into a tax business and a Casket store For more information on the Funk Dats, […]

Avoid Dirty Little Tricks played by Income Tax Scammers. By Denise Dunbar Income Tax season always brings out the most talented, creative and the rudest cooks. That’s why our friends over at the Internal Revenue Service are once again warning us about the “tall tales” phony scammers will try to sell you to get to […]

We are nearing the end of tax season and if you weren’t procrastinating about getting your taxes done, you might have some extra cash on…

Tired of hearing about what not to do with your tax refund? Here’s a look at 5 smart and actually powerful things you can do…